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UQ Award for Excellence in Innovation

Team Award – Online Applications Project Team

Prior to delivery of the Online Applications (OLA) platform, students' application-to-enrolment experiences were highly inconsistent. Labour intensive manual processes increased complexity. While tracking application status or cycle time was difficult, cycle time was long and led to higher withdrawal rates. The OLA project has delivered a bespoke online application platform, catering for all core study at UQ. It offers a world-class student experience right at the beginning of their journey with UQ. The platform leverages the existing student management system, reducing the need for additional skill development or licencing. The OLA project facilitated collaborative development of shared application processes across the different areas of UQ, which resulted in efficiency and consistency for both students and staff. The OLA project has also directly helped to increase application numbers, reduce effort per application, and lower cycle times, making UQ more responsive to student needs.

Individual Award – Mr Adam Nielsen

The UQ Animal Ethics Unit (AEU) nominates Adam Nielsen for his behind the scenes work providing outstanding innovation and technical expertise to support UQ's research and teaching community. Adam has employed his technical expertise to implement significant improvement in the systems and procedures of the AEU for the management of Animal Ethics data. His willingness to facilitate changes to electronic systems, and his advice and understanding of the unique needs of the AEU, have resulted in improved functionality, implementation of completely new functions, and enhanced accessibility and usability for the AEU and also the wider research and teaching community. Adam's enthusiasm and ideas have had a significant impact on the daily work of the AEU and have helped enhance the services we provide. With more improvements to come, we believe his contribution to the success of research and teaching at UQ should be recognised.

Team Commendation – Carving a History Team

Ms Camille Layt

Ms Suzanne Parker
Mr Paul Thomas Mr Craig Oddy
Ms Katrina Shimmin-Clarke Ms Jennifer McLeod
Ms Rebecca Everett Ms Tanya Ziebell
Ms Kath Kerswell


Carving a history: a guide to the Great Court' is a comprehensive guide to the sandstone centrepiece of UQ's St Lucia campus - the Great Court. This beautiful book catalogues all 1280 carvings - identifying their sculptor, history and meaning, and matching them to a foldout map that correlates with newly installed markers. Complementing the printed book is the innovative 'UQ Carvings' - a free app that uses GPS technology to identify and explain the carvings.  The compilation of the book required the combination of existing resources with new research. Usability was enhanced by the installation of navigational markers and new signage. OMC staff collaborated with the University sculptor, P&F, UQAM, UQ Library and other areas to deliver an easy and accessible way for visitors to discover the carvings' history. This project exemplifies what can be achieved when passionate employees collaborate across units.  This innovative guide is leading the way in promoting UQ's heritage.

Team Commendation – P&F Energy Management Team

Mr Andrew Wilson

Mr Neil Brown

Ms Danielle Shaffer

Mr Jackson Ball

Mr Harrison Zhou

Dr Carlos Fujita Dimas

Mr Ivan Forero Estupinan

Mr Adrian Mengede

The price of energy has more than doubled since 2010, and now accounts for around $23 million of expenditure each year. Energy usage is also responsible for more than 98% of UQ's carbon footprint. The P&F Energy Management Team is addressing this challenge by driving an innovative program to challenge and change the status quo. Their work is resulting in significant operational cost savings while also improving UQ's sustainability. In 2016 alone they delivered over 145 individual projects in areas such as procurement, lighting, air conditioning, hot water, and solar energy. Combined, these projects will save UQ over $1.7 million annually. They will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of taking 4,000 cars off the road. The team's work in recent years has seen energy usage drop by 9.5% since its peak in 2014, and it is continuing to fall thanks to these efforts.


UQ Award for Excellence in Service

Team Award – ASD Domestic Admissions

Ms Melissa Cross

Mrs Fiona Brandis-Dalton
Ms Tamalee Robbins Mr Greg Ferris
Mr Clive McKeown Ms Candice Meyer
Ms Stevie-Lee Lovejoy Ms Sarah Rochford
Ms Saige Masson Ms Rachel Scott

Domestic Admissions have transitioned UQ to the new QTAC admissions offering model and during the process have formed collaborative relationships with other UQ peers, clients and stakeholders.  They have successfully implemented a major project in addition to providing outstanding services to applicants, and in doing so have firmly confirmed their professionalism, transparency and accountability to the wider community. In addition to this major project they initiated and undertook to further support and enhance the student experience through outreach activities and targeted individual support for prospective students supporting UQ initiatives in diversity and the constant pursuit for excellence of service. Domestic Admissions is a relatively small team who have answered more than 30,000 enquiries in the last year alone, including assistance to colleagues in other units in times of pressure.  The team champion the University objectives and at all times strive to support the One UQ strategy.

Individual Award – Ms Esther Fink

Esther is the epitome of the ethos and actions of the service culture that we strive for at UQ. Her efforts over the past 6 years, during a time of extraordinary and innovative changes that we have been making in EAIT, contribute strongly towards meeting the learning expectations of our hyper-connected and digitally-minded learners. Esther's commitment to supporting our staff in this endeavour has been instrumental in helping us establish the Centre for eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in Science and Engineering (eLIPSE) which is a vital step forward in achieving our vision of modernising and innovating our learning environment. Esther is the face of Technology Enhanced Active Learning not only within EAIT Faculty but clear across the wider community of Educational Designers at UQ. Esther's contribution to our innovative technology enhanced curriculum ENGG1200 Flipped Classroom has also been recognised nationally through keynote invitations to Blackboard conferences in Australia.

Team Commendation – AIBN IT Department

Mr Paul Watson

Mr Luke Eppell
Mr Nathan Boyd Mr Jaleel Yusia
Mr Rodney Weatherall


For virtually every challenge faced (particularly during high stress situations such as the grant writing season) the IT team here can always be relied on to provide immediate, courteous, and capable support to allow the scientific staff of the AIBN to achieve their research goals.  For continually be exemplars of service and competence, and continually delivering service which exceeds all expectations, I enthusiastically endorse their nomination for a UQ Excellence in Service Award.

Team Commendation – HASS Student Administration Team

Ms Leanne Smith

Ms Laura Aberdeen
Mr Chris Burke Mr John Hughes
Ms Jill Wardropper Mr Mark Holland
Ms Jessica Pryde Mr Jordan Butler

Ms Melissa Vickery


In 2016, the HASS Student Administration Team demonstrated consistently exceptional service to staff and students in the School of Communication and Arts by providing academic advice and support for two, simultaneous, whole-of-program re-structures to the: Bachelor of Journalism, and Bachelor of Communication (as well as impacted majors in the Bachelor of Arts). These program changes necessitated large-scale transition and completion plans; strategies for implementation; one-to-one academic advisory sessions; many hours of specialised program advice; and impacted upon single/dual degree planners, credit equivalency, and exchange study - in addition to regular business. Despite these challenges, the HASS Team responded swiftly to enquiries; championed innovation (such as use of the BA Planner app and CRM system); and advocated for School initiatives. In short, they have built an enviable working relationship with our School based on clear communication, understanding and mutual respect.

Team Commendation – UQ GVEC Corrective Services Project Delivery Team

Dr Carmelo Galea

Ms Di Palmer
Mr Mark Pace Ms Gina Sharp
Ms Hope Young-Barney Mr Chris Clausen
Ms Lisa Noffke Mr Glen Van Emmerick

Queensland Corrective Services Delivery project commenced in 2012 when the Queensland Government State Body was seeking a new provider for Agricultural Training in Qld Prisons. UQ-GVEC excelled in its delivery mode and efficient operations resulting with the contract now entering its 6th year and UQ-GVEC is now the largest provider of Rural Training in the QCS system. This relationship was strengthened under the Certificate 3 Guarantee model and is now UQ-GVEC's second largest contract and commercial income stream. The project is a complex arrangement requiring significant management relating to travel, accommodation, protocol, access, staff suitability and communications. This project is of significant value to UQ-GVEC and is proposed to continue for the foreseeable future with some scope of increasing its capacity. The current of number of Prisons engaged by UQ-GVEC is 9 and it is expected for this grow to 11 in 2017. Current Enrolments combined are around 500.

Individual Commendation – Mr Chris Barnett

Seminal research requires excellence in infrastructure and support systems. Equally important is the need for people with the dedication, passion and the vision to enable it.  For almost thirty years, Chris Barnett's work as Scientific Infrastructure Manager at IMB has created a research environment that allows researchers to focus on discoveries that create global change. Chris has pioneered innovations in research service support for seamlessness, empowers quality and the highest levels of the responsible conduct of research. His deep understanding of research helps him advance facilities and technology at an accelerated pace, guaranteeing that UQ's research outcomes from IMB are relevant and cutting edge. This also helps UQ attract and retain world-leading researchers who trust Chris to protect, support and champion their research. Chris is the invaluable person on whom all our research outputs and outcomes rely. I am proud to nominate him for this important award.

Individual Commendation – Ms Majella Fergusson

Majella Ferguson's commitment to UQ's international endeavours is outstanding. It's not just her focus, responsiveness and capability- it’s her generosity in helping others achieve the things they need to succeed. Majella has made a huge contribution to UQ over the past decade, most recently in the humanities and social sciences. She has written applications for the alumni award winners, managed the UQ-Capitol Washington Internship program and helped secure multi-year New Colombo Plan funding for the UQ Reporter in India program. She has negotiated and nurtured longstanding partnerships with Universitas Indonesia and Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and more recently with institutions in China. Majella was invited to act as Executive Officer in the International portfolio during 2016, supporting two Deputy Vice-Chancellors during a time of leadership change. Majella Ferguson makes everyone she works with achieve more, enabling them to create change.

Individual Commendation – Ms Sharon York

Over the last twelve years, Ms Sharon York has demonstrated reliably excellent performance, combining outstanding technical knowledge with creative problem-solving skills in ways that consistently promote UQ's values. Sharon establishes and develops robust, mutually beneficial alliances between UQ research teams and a wide variety of partners from public and private sectors. The outstanding quality of service Sharon provides to both internal and external stakeholders has facilitated several important and strategic research partnerships. Sharon has also been commended for making significant and pivotal improvements in both policy and procedures, across a broad range of areas including IP support and research contract management. Her outstanding professional and personal qualities, together with her customer focus and willingness to go the extra mile mean that Sharon has made noteworthy contributions to building the professional standing and reputation of the UQ community.


UQ Award for Excellence in Equity & Diversity

Team Award – UQ Young Achievers Program

Since 2009, the UQ Young Achievers Program has been supporting the tertiary education aspirations of deserving students. The Program has proven to be exciting and innovative for many high school students and has been designed to provide university exposure and access for students, especially from regional and remote areas of Queensland. Since inception, the Program has nurtured and developed the educational ambitions of participants through mentoring, financial assistance and opportunities for personal growth and leadership development. Each year, almost 120 deserving students are nominated by their high school principal to participate in the program. In 2016, almost 50 schools from throughout Queensland nominated students. Throughout the year, students from Years 11 and 12 attended a residential camp at the St Lucia campus, attended Open Days and received monthly phone mentoring from current UQ students. This Program deserves recognition for its commitment to equity and diversity.


UQ Award for Excellence in Wellness and Safety

Team Award – BRAHSS Project Team  

Associate Professor Michael Noad


Dr Rebecca Dunlop


Project BRAHSS aimed to measure the behavioural responses of humpback whales to seismic air guns.  It involved extensive field experiments at sea with multiple small boats, very close approaches to large whales, the use of potentially dangerous high pressure equipment, and up to 130 field personnel spread over 12 operational platforms. The work was funded by the oil and gas industry, which meant a very high expectation of health and safety management. The BRAHSS team therefore developed an extensive and innovative safety management system. This system ensured a culture of 'safety first' and relied on excellent training as well as other active safety management tools. More than 90,000 hours of work were conducted with no 'reportable' incidents. This acts as a model for the development of comprehensive and innovative safety systems which are essential for enhancing the safety and well-being of all participants in large, complex field projects.

Individual Award – Ms Vicki McNabb

Vicki McNabb, Manager of the UQ Wellness program has led the introduction of the Fitness Passport program across UQ, an initiative of the UQ Wellness Program for 2016.  Fitness Passport is a corporate health and fitness program that allows its members to access a wide range of their local health and fitness suppliers, including UQ Sport. Vicki's role involved being the advocate for the program, seeking approval for the Program, negotiating with the service provider on behalf of UQ, and once approved, arranging for the promotion of this innovative initiative. Adoption of the Fitness Passport program clearly adheres to the UQ Wellness Program aim of promoting, supporting and enhancing the health, well-being and work-life balance of staff through a sustainable and comprehensive staff wellness program. As at 28 February over 980 membership cards had been distributed; 460 of these were for staff, the remainder for their family members.

Team Commendation – Implementation of UQSafe Incident

Dr Amanda Jones

Ms Leanne Ritchie
Dr Paul Lovelock Mr Marshall Butterworth
Mr Gerard Ross Mr Tony Lam

The collection of OHS incident information is a crucial compliance requirement and business intelligence tool to assist UQ understand risk areas at UQ, and to allow appropriate targeting of prevention resources. This nomination is for the group who implemented UQSafe-Incident, UQ's new incident reporting system. UQSafe-Incident is a sophisticated and intuitive system, that allows for all OHS incidents and near-misses to be recorded and for an appropriate action plan to be created and approved by supervisors.  Led by Amanda Jones, the group developed a successful business case, undertook a procurement process and a systems configuration process, and led a pilot process and training program to implement the system. It is a great example of staff from across UQ working together to determine the need for and to implement a significant enterprise wide system that meets our compliance requirements and produces better OHS outcomes for staff and students.


UQ Award for Excellence in Leadership

Team Award – eLearning Team

Dr Simon Collyer

Ms Ailsa Dickie
Mr Michael Luyten Ms Elizabeth Wardrop
Mr Gary Smith Ms Stephanie David
Ms Eva Cegielka Mr Paul Dutton
Ms Ksenia Savin Mr Nathan La Burniy

Through their ongoing leadership, the eLearning team has positioned UQ at the forefront of the eLearning practice nationally & internationally.  The University's eLearning systems are a cornerstone of the modern UQ student experience.  UQ now has one of the most comprehensive, advanced and automated eLearning environments in Australia, where all courses have an online presence, & assignments are largely submitted electronically and marked online. In addition, most lectures are recorded and available to students to access 24/7 aiding in revision and flexible learning.  The eLearning team has kept UQ abreast of new learning technologies to enhance learning outcomes, improve efficiency and improve the student experience.  UQ students and staff are now highly engaged with their eLearning systems and services. All of the services are designed to be scalable to maximize broad impact. Comprehensive training programs, a helpdesk, and one-on-one support are provided for academics.

Individual Award - Associate Professor Philip Bodman

Associate Professor Philip Bodman is an energetic, innovative and reliable leader with great vision for change and the ability to 'get things done'. As Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL), Phil leads by example in promoting a culture that reflects and supports the University values. Phil is relentless in upholding the academic standards of the University and provides strong leadership and guidance to faculty and school staff in matters of policy and governance. He smoothly guided BEL through the transition into the Australian Qualifications Framework compliance, and has gained international recognition working with the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualification. Phil has driven the introduction of innovative new programs and continues to work on new program ideas with a multi-disciplinary focus. He has assumed leadership of the Faculty's student focused operations, and the restructuring and rebranding of the Student Experience Team.

Team Commendation – QBI Advancement & Communications Team

Ms Mikaeli Costello

Dr Nicholas Valmas
Dr Alan Woodruff Dr Lavinia Codd
Mrs Katherine Robbins Ms Carolyn Barry
Ms Donna Lu Ms Andrea Markey
Ms Jessica McGaw  

Constantly striving for excellence, QBI's Advancement and Communications team is an exemplar of successful and innovative performance. In 2016, the team maximised public awareness of QBI and UQ in the media, engaged with the community through a busy events program, and generated significant philanthropic support for neuroscience research. 

Team Commendation - Oral Health Alliance Team 

Mr Mika Hayward

Ms Amelia Stuckey
Ms Tricia Williams Ms Stacey Vogel
Ms Julie Waldron Ms Chelse Dunne
Mr Anthony Lennon Ms Ann-Maree Waugh
Mr Simon Thomas Ms Julie Morrish
Mrs Cristy Sun Ms Jane Malloch
Ms Niti Prakesh Mr Greg Conrick
Mr Todd O'Connell Mr Dan Moradian
Mr Stephen Ross Mr Kevin O'Sullivan
Mr Peter Greenwood Mr Neil Taylor
Mr Darren Ehrlich Mr Ben Baldwin

The Oral Health Alliance is a ground breaking partnership between The University of Queensland and Metro North Hospital and Health Services. It was a complex negotiation that also involved consultation and involvement with Queensland Health and the Commonwealth. This alliance has established a model that will be used by the University for health service partnerships in other disciplines. It positions the School of Dentistry as a sustainable centre of excellence in clinical teaching, research and service delivery. While the outcomes will provide a lasting legacy for the School, health service and the community, this project has required an extraordinary level of commitment from staff across many University organisational units: School, Faculty, HR, Legal Services, ITS, and P&F. Throughout the project, it was patently obvious that the University should be immensely proud of the professionalism, skills, resilience and teamwork displayed by the staff involved.

Individual Commendation - Professor Peter Soyer

Associate Professor Rick Sturm accepting the award on behalf of Professor Peter Soyer.

Professor Soyer, appointed as UQ's inaugural Chair of Dermatology in 2007, is an eminent leader in the dermatology field with particular expertise in dermato oncology and dermatological imaging. He established UQ's Dermatology Research Centre, now consisting of 4 cooperative clinical/laboratory research groups with an established global reputation. His innovative research "3D QMelanoma" was recently awarded a UQ Faculty of Medicine 'flagship' Health Outcome Program. He continues to implement new collaborative partnerships enabling UQ's dermatology and skin cancer research, and facilitates advancement in the field evidenced by his initiation of the Australian Skin and Skin Cancer (ASSC) Research Centre, a joint UQ/QIMR initiative. His commitment to dermatology, particularly to the early detection of melanoma, will ensure he contributes significantly to a world where "No one should die of malignant melanoma", stated so eloquently by his late mentor A. Bernard Ackerman over 2 decades ago.

Individual Commendation - Associate Professor Victor Galea

For almost 30 years, Dr Galea has taught and co-ordinated plant science and general biology in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs at Gatton campus. He has provided leadership for both research and teaching implementing many initiatives that have improved teaching quality. He has instituted support for early career researchers, supporting staff across a range of disciplines and pedagogy styles encouraging staff to find their own teaching styles. He is a key driver in creating a culture of teaching excellence within SAFS that values people, their individuality and leads by example in teaching excellence. His teaching and learning outcomes have been recognised by UQ, national and international awards. In his role as deputy HOS, he has helped shape career directions and develop longer term strategic plans for many staff, and in the merging of SAFS utilised his considerable negotiation and diplomacy skills to deal with internal politics and build collegiality amongst staff.

Individual Commendation - Dr Sandra Hall

As the Engagement and Business Development Manager for the Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC), Eastern Region Executive Director for the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Qld President for the Australian Water Association, and an International Water Association Fellow, Sandra has used all opportunities at her disposal to promote the Centre to a national and international audience. In 2016 the AWMC was undergoing a dynamic transitional period - the ESS was being implemented, the AWMC Director was on long service leave, and the AWMC Operations Manager had just resigned. Sandra shouldered the role of acting centre manager, taking on personnel management and operational support roles in addition to her regular duties of engagement and business development. She remained committed to fully supporting the staff and students of the centre by providing a point of communication between the executives and the team, and leading by example in adopting new policies and procedures.