Application for Aurion Access

To apply for access to Aurion, download and complete the Aurion Access Form and seek approval from the applicable authorising manager (see the front page of the Aurion Access Form).

Please submit Aurion access forms separately as we cannot process multiple forms per request.

We cannot accept "Access same as" on the form as the approver is determined by the requested permissions.

The completed and signed form should be scanned and then emailed to ITS Help Desk.

Your application should be processed within three business days.

You will also be required to complete an Employee Confidentiality Declaration form if you are asking for one or more of the following

  • All org unit access (1 and below)
  • All Staff View
  • All Placements View
  • OH&S Division

Aurion organisation units are different to UniFi organisation units numbers. The completed Aurion Access form will only be processed with Aurion Organisation Unit numbers. Please refer to the Aurion Organisation Unit page to download the Aurion Organisation Unit spreadsheet.


Aurion Access Options

There is one type of Aurion access:

Standard Enquiry access for the majority of UQ staff

The following access options are restricted to staff performing designated roles and are generally available only when the staff member has completed approved training:

How do I access Aurion?

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