The UQ Leadership Framework identifies seven key capabilities that define leadership in the UQ context These capabilities can be demonstrated by all leaders, both formal and informal, at all levels across the University.

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The framework provides a guide to what UQ expects of its leaders, both formal and informal. The framework is designed to help build a common understanding of leadership, to support leadership development, and to assist in the integration of leadership at all levels into the culture of UQ.

  • To support your own development - each capability includes exemplars, suggestions for development, and supporting resources and links.
  • To articulate expectations of leadership and support development conversations within your workplace.
  • To support recruitment processes.

We recognise and value the diversity of staff and roles at UQ. Although there are key differences in academic and professional roles, the leadership behaviours that underpin the UQ Leadership Capabilities are applicable to staff in both academic and professional roles, at all levels and in all areas of the University. Individual leaders are able to examine their own context to determine how best they can demonstrate these capabilities.

In late 2012, in response to both the UQ reform program and the outcomes of the report on the UQ culture survey, the Vice-Chancellor requested that a working party be established to examine the development of leadership capability. Under the auspices of the USDC, the Senior Staff Leadership Development Working Party was convened in October 2012 to define ‘leadership’ within the UQ context and to design a strategy to develop needed capability.

Critical leadership capabilities for UQ were identified based on a review of current best practice, leadership theories and capability frameworks across higher education, state and federal government and corporate sectors, as well as consultation with internal content experts. The framework was aligned with UQ’s strategic direction and vision, mission and values, and mapped against the desired cultural styles identified in UQ cultural change agenda.


UQ Leadership Survey

For information and FAQ about the UQ Leadership survey, visit the survey page.


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