36.       PROBATION

36.1     A staff member’s probation will be managed in accordance with relevant University policy. Probation entails setting and clarifying work performance expectations for staff members new to a position as well as ensuring opportunities for support are provided in order that appropriate expectations can be met.

36.2     The length of the probationary period will be for a minimum of two weeks or as otherwise prescribed below (whichever is greater):



Academic staff Fixed-Term

Pro-rata of 6 months

Academic staff Continuing (Levels A – D)

3 – 4 years

Academic staff Continuing Level E

By Agreement (up to 4 years)

Research (Contingent Funded) Employment

Where this is a second or subsequent contract in the same position no probation period will be applicable.

Professional staff Fixed-Term

Pro-rata of 3 months with the possibility to extend in exceptional circumstances to a maximum of 6 months.

ICTE-UQ TESOL Language Teachers Continuing

6 months.

Professional Staff Continuing

HEW 1 to 7 – 3 months with the possibility to extend in exceptional circumstances to six months. HEW 8 to 9 - 6 months

36.3     For all staff other than continuing Academic staff, where employment is not confirmed during probation, staff will be entitled to at least ten (10) working days’ notice or payment in lieu.

36.4     A period of probation that commenced prior to the approval by the Fair Work Commission of this Agreement will continue in accordance with the staff member’s contract of employment in place at the time the probation period commenced.