Aurion and MyAurion are upgrading to version 11 in February 2017

What does this mean?

The new version:
  • will make it easier for you to apply for leave, check your details and submit timesheets
  • will be accessible from your tablet and mobile, as well as your desktop, and
  • has a simple, easy to use menu structure with simplified navigation and search functions

Want to see what the new Aurion looks like?

Demonstration sessions in the new Aurion v11 were run in July - both for HR Aurion Core Users and Aurion Lite Core Users such as finance officers, school managers, etc. We have uploaded a video of each session so you can see what the new Aurion v11 looks like:

  • HR Aurion Users can view the Demonstration Session for HR Aurion Users here: HR Users and get a copy of the Guide here: HR CORE Guide.

  • Lite Aurion Users can view the Demonstration Session for Aurion Lite Users here: LITE Users and get a copy of the Lite User Guide here: Aurion LITE Guide.

Sessions on MyAurion and training in the new system

Commencing in January 2017, a number of  MyAurion Information Sessions will be offered - staff can choose to attend these sessions or view the live sream. We will also run more formal training sessions for Aurion users. More details will be provided soon.

Any questions, comments or feedback?

A list of Frequently Asked Questions has been developed and will be updated regularly. Click on FAQs to see what questions are being asked.

If you have any questions about the project of want to provide any feedback, please email the Aurion v11 Upgrade Project Team at: and one of the Project Team will contact you.

You can also email Varun Narula, Project Manager,
Aurion v11 Upgrade Project FAQs

Aurion v11 Upgrade Project FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Aurion v11 Upgrade Project.

Why are Aurion and MyAurion changing?

Aurion is the University's corporate HR and Payroll System, and includes MyAurion. The version currently used by UQ will not be supported beyond the middle of next year, and so UQ needs to upgrade to the latest version (version 11) before then.

What does this change mean for me?

The main difference for most staff is that MyAurion will look different, and it will be easier to apply for leave, check details and submit timesheets.

What do I have to do?

Commencing in January 2017, we will run some information sessions to demonstrate the new MyAurion, including how to access your payslip, how to apply for leave and how to fill out a timesheet. These sessions will be livestreamed and a video of the information session will be available from Aurion v11 webpage. 

I am a supervisor and have to approve leave and timesheets. What do I do now?

The lunchbox sessions will show you how to approve leave and timesheets. There will also be information provided online so you can refer to that when you need to.


There will be regular updates in UQUpdate, to your local HR staff and on the Aurion v11 webpage.




If you have a question please contact the Aurion 11 project team at: