Leaders create and communicate
a clear direction for the future, aligned
with the University's vision

This could be exemplified by a leader who:

  • Visibly enacts and champions the University's vision, mission, values and strategic direction
  • Is future-focused, assessing how the environment is changing over time, and the likely impact on the University
  • Proactively identifies opportunities and risks and acts decisively to adapt strategy and tactics
  • Actively builds a constructive culture that supports the achievement of the University's strategic objectives and the pursuit of excellence
  • Promotes engagement with local, national and international communities that builds credibility and academic capability

Why is this capability important?

The environment is constantly changing, and higher education is being transformed. UQ's challenge is to build on our history and move into this changed future with confidence. UQ leaders must look ahead to envision where we want and need to be in the future, and put strategies in place to adapt and continue to achieve our goals.

What does it look like when it's done well?

  • Leaders look for future changes and the opportunities that these present, and make plans to be able to take advantage of them.
  • Leaders talk positively about the future of the University and the goals we strive towards.
  • There are clear links between the work being done and the bigger picture of the University's goals and environment.
  • Changes in the environment are expected, planned for, and adapted to.
  • Decisions are made with consideration to the impact on other areas and strategies.

Strategies for developing this capability

  • Make a habit of understanding the changes in the environment. Read analysis of the higher education sector or the industry you are engaged with and consider the likely impact on your own work.
  • Investigate common strategy tools (e.g. Balanced scorecard, PEST analysis) and apply them to your own scenario.
  • Familiarise yourself with the UQ Strategic Plan and identify the strategic goals that your work contributes to. Are there opportunities for you to support additional priorities? Can you collaborate with other areas to enhance their contributions?

Resources and readings


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