The UQ Leadership Framework identifies seven key capabilities for leadership in the UQ context. The framework is built on the philosophy of leadership at all levels, meaning that it is relevant not only to senior managers and those in positions of authority, but to formal and informal leaders across the University.


Each capability is supported with statements that describe how the capability could be exemplified by a leader at the University of Queensland. The exemplars are not exhaustive - there are many more ways that leaders can demonstrate each of these capabilities within their own context, and we encourage leaders at all levels to explore how they can enact these capabilities and demonstrate their leadership.

You can explore the capabilities by clicking on the diagram above, read the frequently asked questions, review our recommended leadership resources, or find out more about the UQ Leadership Survey.

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Achieves results & drives accountability

Leaders ensure engagement and performance, and motivate and empower others to achieve results

Communicates & collaborates with influence

Leaders engage others in open and honest dialogue about important issues and actively seek common interests and goals

Exemplifies personal credibility & integrity

Leaders strive for personal achievement and are visibly proactive and ethical in their dealings with others

Fosters learning, inquiry & innovation

Leaders nurture an environment that allows for multiple perspectives and challenges assumptions, and model openness to new ideas

Purposefully leads change

Leaders initiate and lead change and improvement agendas, modelling behaviour which embraces innovation and change

Thinks & works strategically

Leaders create and communicate a clear direction for the future, aligned with the University’s vision

UQ Leadership Framework - FAQ

The UQ Leadership Framework identifies seven key capabilities that define leadership in the UQ context These capabilities can be demonstrated by all leaders, both formal and informal, at all levels across the University.

Values people & builds culture

Leaders create a positive, constructive workplace where people feel connected and valued