To All UQ Staff

From On Behalf of Professor Alan Rix, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and
         Mr Maurie McNarn, Chief Operating Officer
Date 31 October 2012
Subject UQ Log of Claims

Dear Colleagues
As recently advised by the Vice-Chancellor, the University is about to commence negotiations for a new Single Enterprise Agreement covering academic, professional and TESOL language teaching staff.
The current Agreement expires in May next year and a further salary increase of 2.5% will be paid to staff from 1 January under this Agreement.
The bargaining process begins with the University exchanging logs of claims with staff and their representatives. Under the terms of the current Agreement all parties have, for the first time, been required to exchange logs of claim prior to the commencement of bargaining. This therefore provides the opportunity for the University to outline to staff, in an open and transparent way, those issues the University would like to see reviewed during negotiations.
A copy of the Universitys interim log of claims is available at Enterprise Bargaining Webpage for your information. The log outlines, in broad terms, a number of matters which the University would like to clarify or review as part of the negotiating process. The University has received logs of claims from the NTEU and the Together/United Voice unions.
The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) requires all employers who are engaging in enterprise bargaining with their staff to inform them of their right to appoint a bargaining representative during the course of enterprise bargaining. This Notice of Employee Representational Rights for staff of the University of Queensland maybe viewed here.  A copy of the Notice will also be available from your Faculty or Institute Human Resources team.
You can appoint a bargaining representative by notifying the person in writing that you appoint that person as your bargaining representative. You can also appoint yourself as a bargaining representative. In either case you must give a copy of the appointment to the University.
Regular updates will be provided throughout the bargaining process and information will be available on the Universitys Enterprise Bargaining Webpage.
If you have any questions about or interest in being a bargaining representative please contact Phil Vaughan, Senior Employee Relations Consultant.
Professor Alan Rix                               Mr Maurie McNarn AO
Pro-Vice Chancellor                             Chief Operating Officer