Dear Colleagues


As part of our efforts to improve HR processes, I am pleased to advise that new arrangements are being introduced for the management of probation for professional staff and fixed term academics, as well as for the processing of overtime claims.


Probation Management for Professional and Fixed Term Academic staff


Under the current probation process, supervisors normally receive an email from HR half way through the probationary period, with a form that is to be completed for all probationers towards the end of their probation.  In the future, the mandatory probation form will not be required.  The new process will be:


·         In the second week of probation, the supervisor will receive an automatically generated email reminding them to set performance objectives for the probationer.

·         Four weeks prior to the probation end date, the supervisor will receive an automatically generated email advising them to contact HR if there are concerns about the probationer.

·         Documentation is only required where a supervisor has concerns regarding the suitability of the probationer.


The new process supports supervisors in setting performance objectives early in a person’s engagement and then manage by exception (focus on performance issues) rather than complete forms for every new staff member.  The automation of the emails allows HR to focus on supporting supervisors rather than undertaking the administrative tasks associated with sending reminders and chasing form completion.


For supervisors who currently have staff on probation, you will not receive either of the new emails if your probationer has less than 28 days to the end of probation and you will only receive the first email if your probationer has commenced in the last week.


The process for continuing academic staff is unaffected by these changes.


Overtime Claims


Rather than the current process by which hard copy forms are completed and delivered to Level 5, JD Story Building, the new form will replace the existing Overtime form during week ending 19 May.  This new form can be emailed directly to Payroll by the supervisor.   There is no requirement for the supervisor to initial each line, instead a supervisor simply signs the form to signify approval. The financial delegate (if different from the supervisor) is no longer required to sign the form. There are two options for using the form as follows:


1.      Employee completes the form in the usual way and supervisor emails it to Payroll if approved. 

2.      Electronic submission:

·         Employee enters overtime details directly into the form and submits to their supervisor on the basis of a digital signature;

·         Supervisor approves via digital signature and clicks the ‘Submit to Payroll’ link on the form to open up an email to send the claim for processing.


The University is currently investigating capabilities within Aurion to further automate overtime claims. In the meantime, it is hoped that the removal of the requirement for the delivery of paper forms, multiple initials on the claim form and the option for electronic signatures will contribute to a reduced effort by staff on manual processing.  A guide to completing the form online, including digital signatures can be found here.

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