Who can have this access?

Staff that work as HR Consultants or HR Officers and report to the Associate Director, HR Client Services are granted this level of access when they have completed Aurion HR System operational training and passed the mandatory test.
This level of access must be approved by the Associate Director, HR Client Services.

What will this type of access give me?

This level of access allows you to view and update HR information. You also will automatically receive access to HR Portal reports for your faculty. This access will include;

· Placement records and Service history
· Personal details
· Start and restart employees
· Terminate employees
· Change employee status
· Suspend employees pays
· Add work transactions
· Add allowances and deductions
· Check employees pay details
· Create and maintain positions
· Add and update costing to positions
· Process casuals claims for payment (timekeeper)
· Leave balance and occurrences
· Superannuation
· Employees tax and net pay details
· EEO details
· Recruitment
· View and update future hires and status change

You will also be given access to run Aurion Staff General Reports. These include;

· Organisation and position reports
· Leave reports
· Placement and staff reports

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